Are your frames or slides coated with anything, or do I need to finish them?

As of right now, all of our slides and frames are not coated. Should you so desire, you will need to finish them to your liking. There are many options out there for finishing your build, and we recommend you do a little online research and figure out what you like and what the options are before you commit to a final surface finish.

Do you offer any other calibers for your kits?

Currently, our kits are strictly for .45 ACP builds only. However, as of today (4/13/16) we are in the process of coming out with several other pistol calibers for our complete build kits, so stay tuned! Join our Facebook page ( to stay up-to-date on the new and exciting things to come!

Help! I messed up my 80% frame! Do I have to buy a new one at full price?

Fortunately, at Stealth Arms, we understand that things happen. Whether it be that you are “a man and don’t need directions” or you just had a “brain fart” and screwed up, we get it. That is why we have a “1 Replacement Guarantee.” To take advantage of the 1 Replacement Guarantee, just give us a call at 419-925-7005, tell us what’s going on, or what happened, and we’ll send you a return form so you can send back the botched frame. Once we receive your botched frame, we will send you a brand new 80% frame for a small fee of $50.00.

How many 80% frames can I complete with your Phantom Jig?

If you are completing Stealth Arms 80% frames, and you take care of the cutters for the Phantom Jig (meaning, make sure you don’t drop the car and chip them, or break them in any way) and take care when drilling the Hammer and Sear pin holes so you don’t “waller” out the guide holes in the side plates, you should have no problem completing up to 10 frames without replacing any cutters or side plates for the Phantom Jig. HOWEVER, if you decide you want to finish out a steel or stainless steel frame with your Phantom Jig, we recommend buying an extra set of cutters right off the bat, because they will get dull much quicker when cutting steel or stainless steel frames. And, as you should in most situations involving a lot of friction, make sure to use plenty of lube!

The Recoil Spring Guide Rod that came with your kit is too long for my build, so I can’t get the barrel bushing on. Do I have to modify the guide rod to get it to fit right?

No! The Recoil Spring Guide Rod that comes with the Stealth Arms Complete Build Kit is an “extended” or “full-length guide rod.” It is supposed to be that long. You will notice that the guide rods in our kit come with a supplied hex key wrench (Allen wrench). This is because the guide rod is a 2-piece extended guide rod. You will need to disassemble the guide rod by unscrewing the extension from the flanged end of the guide rod. You will assemble the barrel, slide, and guide rod as you would with a normal-length guide rod, then once you get the slide assembly onto the frame and the barrel bushing locked in place, you can insert the guide rod extension (threaded end first) through the hole in the recoil spring plug. Push the extension in until it stops, then use the hex key to screw the guide rod back together. Make sure you snug it up pretty tight to ensure that it doesn’t come loose while firing the completed build.

What’s the difference between a bead-blasted finish and a raw finish?

As with any billet-machined parts, they will have machining marks on them. These marks are purely cosmetic and have no effect on functionality or quality of the products. We realize that you will want to finish the frames, slides, and parts of your build to your liking, so we give you the option to have them shipped to you either raw (hot off the machine) or with a light bead-blasting that is consistent with the requirements set forth by the various gun-coating companies for applying their gun coatings to your new build. While the bead-blasted finish is functional in that it is recommended if you decide to apply a ceramic-based gun coating, it also gives the raw steel or aluminum a nice matte finish, eliminating any machine marks. In short, the bead-blast finish is just prettier.

What is an 80% lower receiver or 80% frame?

An 80% lower receiver or 80% frame is a partially completed (i.e., 80% complete) piece of metal (generally steel or aluminum) that requires special tooling and skills to be completed, a trigger assembly, and a complete upper to be considered a "firearm." Unlike a stripped receiver, it is not required to be transferred through a Federal Firearms Licensed holder (FFL).

Does Stealth Arms ship to Canada or outside the USA?

Stealth Arms does not currently ship outside the United States due to silly laws restricting the shipment of firearms parts. We are working on being able to ship our products to our friends in Canada, so please be patient and know we haven’t forgotten about you!

How long does it usually take for you to ship out my order?

Typically, about 95% of the time orders will leave the same day they are placed, or at the very latest, the next business day. However, while we try to keep all of our products in stock, we do run into some busy times of the year which will hit us like a ton of bricks, but rest assured that when this does happen, we rally the troops and get your shipments out as soon as humanly possible (maybe a little quicker than that). So, if we do run into a snag where we are out of stock on something, please be patient, as we bust our ass to get you what you want in a timely manner.

What’s the difference between a Government frame, Tactical frame, and Commander frame?

A Government frame is made for a full-length 5” barrel and full-length slide. It is the standard “full size” frame for a 1911. The Government frame is consistent with the Classic 1911 look. The same is true for the Tactical Government frame, however the Tactical frame comes equipped with an integrated accessory (tactical) rail under the dust cover for attaching accessories such as a tactical flashlight or laser sight with Picatinny attachment ability. A Commander frame is the same as a Government-sized frame, however, it has a shortened dust cover and shortened slide rails to accommodate a 4.25” barrel and Commander-sized slide. A Government slide will not fit right on a Commander frame, and a Commander Slide will not work on a Government frame.

What’s the difference between a Series 70 and a Series 80 1911, and what are your frames Series 70 or Series 80?

The difference between a Series 70 and a Series 80 1911 is simply that there is a firing pin safety feature incorporated into the Series 80, whereas the Series 70 does not have the firing pin safety feature. While it is debatable on which one is “better,” the general consensus in the 1911 community is that the extra firing pin safety found in the Series 80 1911's is undesirable due to the extra moving parts (extra parts means extra things to go wrong) and since the firing pin safety is deactivated via the trigger bow, it adds extra weight and “grit” to the trigger pull if not tended to by a trained gunsmith. That being said, The Stealth Arms 80% 1911 frames are made to Series 70 specifications, meaning our frames will not have the necessary clearance cuts for the extra parts that are included in the Series 80’s. However, you are still able to use a Series 80 slide on a Series 70 frame by simply removing the firing pin safety from the Series 80 slide. You cannot use a Series 80 frame with a Series 70 slide without purchasing a “spacer kit” to fill in the extra space in the frame so the hammer and sear stay where they’re supposed to. We do not sell the spacer kit to convert a Series 80 frame to a Series 70.

Will the Phantom Jig work with steel and/or stainless steel frames?

Yes and no. While the Phantom Jig was designed for Stealth Arms 80% billet-machined 1911 frames, it should work on all colt spec single stack 1911 frames. But, because steel and stainless steel are tougher to machine, it will take a little more patience and effort to finish the rails and barrel seat with the Phantom Jig. By taking shallower cuts with each pass of the Phantom Jig cutters on steel and stainless steel frames, you will still produce satisfactory results, but it will take a little more time to complete the 80% steel or stainless steel frame, as opposed to aluminum frames. Three inserts are almost always required to finish the frame.

Do I need a federal firearms license (FFL) to finish an 80% lower receiver or 80% frame?

As long as you can legally own the firearm in the state, county, and city you reside in then you are allowed to manufacture a firearm for your own personal use. No serial number is required, however, it is suggested to engrave a serial number, model, and manufacturer on your receiver or frame in case it is lost or stolen. All regulations under the National Firearms Act (NFA), issued by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), and other related regulations apply to your firearm.

Please review the NFA before using any product distributed by Stealth Arms:

Please review all ATF regulations before using any product distributed by Stealth Arms:

Additionally, you may, if desired, create a short-barreled rifle out of your firearm via a BATFE (Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosive) Form 1 after BATFE approval.

If I live in California, are completed 80% lowers subject to the California assault weapons ban? Do I need a bullet button?

Completed 80% lowers are subject to the same laws that apply to any normal firearm. If you live in California then you need to be careful to follow the laws related to the assault weapons ban in effect in California. In general, if you build an AR15 style rifle with a pistol grip, you will need a "bullet button." There are also "featureless" configurations that do not require a "bullet button." For more info on following California laws, has a very helpful and informative flowcart:

*Stealth Arms does not provide guidance or legal opinions on whether or not its products should or should not be used or manufactured in your specific state, county, or city. It is the customer's sole responsibility to make that decision.

Are 80% lower receivers and 80% frames legal?

It is legal to build your own firearm for personal use, as long as you can legally own a firearm. You must complete the lower or frame yourself; it is not legal for you to purchase and have another person finish it for you. You must do the work. You are also not required to engrave a serial number or any other information on the lower or frame unless you later decide to sell it.

This is also true for the state of California.

Quoted from the ATF website:

"Individuals manufacturing sporting-type firearms for their own use need not hold Federal Firearms Licenses (FFLs). However, we suggest that the manufacturer at least identify the firearm with a serial number as a safeguard in the event that the firearm is lost or stolen. Also, the firearm should be identified as required in 27 CFR 478.92 if it is sold or otherwise lawfully transferred in the future."


*Stealth Arms does not provide guidance or legal opinions on whether or not its products should or should not be used or manufactured in your specific state, county, or city. It is the customer's sole responsibility to make that decision.