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 Are your frames or slides coated with anything, or do I need to finish them?
 Do you offer any other calibers for your kits?
 Does Stealth Arms ship to Canada or outside the USA?
 Help! I messed up my 80% frame! Do I have to buy a new one at full price?
 How long does it usually take for you to ship out my order?
 How many 80% frames can I complete with your Phantom Jig?
 The Recoil Spring Guide Rod that came with your kit is too long for my build, so I can’t get the barrel bushing on. Do I have to modify the guide rod to get it to fit right?
 What’s the difference between a bead-blasted finish and a raw finish?
 What’s the difference between a Government frame, Tactical frame, and Commander frame?
 What’s the difference between a Series 70 and a Series 80 1911, and what are your frames Series 70 or Series 80?
 Will the Phantom Jig work with steel and/or stainless steel frames?
 What is an 80% lower receiver or 80% frame?
 Do I need a federal firearms license (FFL) to finish an 80% lower receiver or 80% frame?
 If I live in California, are completed 80% lowers subject to the California assault weapons ban? Do I need a bullet button?
 Are 80% lower receivers and 80% frames legal?