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Extra Phantom Rail Cutter

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Extra Rail Cutter for the original 1911 Phantom Jig


Extra Phantom Rail Cutter

The Phantom Jig® and The Phantom Jig Bundle® already come with a rail cutter, but we understand sometimes unfortunate events happen and your dog eats your tools, so for your sanity we offer extra cutters so Fido can stay in the house!

Customer Reviews

Be careful. Review by Timothy
By "be careful" I mean, be aware that carbide tools are very tough, but they're brittle. It will loose its edge or chip if rammed or "snapped" into your work and needs technique when doing steel. I would suggest using half the increments in depth of cut for aluminum and even less for steel frames. It takes longer and requires more elbow grease and time, but the finished product is worth it. Done correctly it'll last for several frames. I'm embarrassed to report this because I'm a retired machinist and know may way around carbide not, hammer or even "tamp" the end of the gondola to get it started, which is what I did, and the concussion chipped the tool. I finished with the "Stealth" T-Slot cutter in my lathe mill attachment, but most folks don't have that, a word to the wise. (Posted on 10/11/2015)

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